Vehicle Wraps

Art Guidelines for Vehicle Wraps

File Guidelines

  • We are using the Creative Cloud version of all adobe applications
  • Please send only Photoshop or Illustrator file types. InDesign, Powerpoint, Word, Excel, Publisher & Pagemaker are not acceptable formats for vehicle wraps. Sending these types of files might result in extra art fees and time delays.
  • For files larger than 10 MB, please either use an online service We recommend Drop Box
    or bring in/send a flash drive, CD/DVD.
  • If you live locally, we encourage you to drop the files by and let us spend a few minutes to go over them with you.  This makes sure that we are all on the same page for the design that you want.

  1. Please provide a separate PDF or JPEG file that represents the completed vehicle layout as you would like it printed and installed.
  2. When designing vehicle wraps use layers and send them to us layered so that we may adjust or move artwork as needed to fit in the desired space of the vehicle. Don't worry, we only make minor changes, anything major will be made aware to you first.
  3. If you are designing with a vehicle template, please do not design on the layer the template is on. Please make a separate layer for your graphics.
  4. If sending print ready files, you MUST send each side of the vehicle as a separate file. Example: DriverSide.tif, Rear.tif, PassSide.tif, etc...  If you send us an "exploded view", we will ask you to resubmit the file in this way so please be sure to follow this rule.
  5. Embed all linked images or provide them separately.
  6. Specify what scale you created your artwork at. Guessing not advised.
  7. Create all vehicle wrap artwork in CMYK mode, NOT RGB and NOT PMS Pantone colors.
  8. Make sure all fonts are converted to outlines or provide the fonts to us.
  9. Make sure there are no "hidden" graphics or layers. We activate all layers and art before printing.
  10. Please add bleed to all sides of the vehicle. At least 6"...seems like a lot? Yes it is, but it's necessary, we will adjust on our end once the vehicle is here to make sure we will have enough to wrap all seams & sides.
  11. Specify lamination: Luster or Matte (Banners do not require lamination)

Graphic Tips

  • .TIFF and Illustrator .EPS files are easiest to work from.
  • When using the blur filter in Illustrator, please make sure you have your Document Raster Effects set to "HIGH 300DPI
  • We do PMS match, but it is an extra cost and is not an exact match. It's best to design in CMYK.
  • Full size images should be created at 300 dpi and saved down to no less than 150 dpi for the best quality.
  • It's a huge help to provide us with a color sheet, this way we know what you want and expect. Every printer and monitor is different so what you are looking at might not be what we see.
  • If you have any questions or concerns we are always here to help!

To Waive or Not to Waive

That is the question. Why do we charge for a color proof?

We don't provide you with just a print out from some laser copier. We set up a proof separately. We provide you an oversized laminated print right off the machine your full size project will be printed off of. We ship them to you in a timely manner. If there is specialty vinyl we include samples. This ensures that what you sign off on is what you will get. It's an insurance policy for both parties and we think it's important. We don't hide this cost in your pricing because we feel it's not right to bury costs. You should know exactly what you are paying for and make that decision to say YEA or NAY. If you do not want the color proof, we will ask that you sign a simple waiver to acknowledge that we offered it to you.